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International Terminal

Domestic Terminal

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Enter here

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Exit here

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Cross the street here

Collect your bag at baggage claim. Search it for any faint white chalk marks. Rub off immediately. Do not wait. Check all sides. Check the handle and zippers teeth. Have a cloth and bit of water ready for the task.

Take bag to customs area. If it is marked, it is searched.

Exit and turn to the right.

Follow until you see a cafe on the right, then turn and go past it.

Another cafe is on the left. There you can rest and leave your luggage in one corner. Can't miss it.

Just behind this is the ramp to go down and cross the street to DOMESTIC FLIGHTS 60-45 mins before your flight.

Check all your bags but a VERY small carry on. It's just easier. I have paid for 1 checked bag for you. Let me know if you have more, please. 

Enter, go through security to check in, then to your gate. Wait there at gate for rest of our party to arrive.

ARRIVAL at NBO 1st day

DEPARTURE last day

If you are needing an Antigen test, it can be found in the parking structure behind the cafe. Current info (as of July 2022) is that none is now required.  *Yay*!

PCR tests are no longer required to fly to the USA if you are a US citizen.

Covid Requirements to Travel to Kenya

Parking Garage w ANTIGEN TEST

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Nairobi Airport

After deboarding, you will likely pass this piece of art below--depending on which terminal you fly into. Then you will see the the currency exchange windows. There are two. Either is fine. All terminals have the currency exchange immediately before the baggage claim. This is where I get my Kenyan shillings.

This mural is in the baggage claim area.

Traveling to Kenya

I recommend using a specific travel agent for your trip.

1. I never find fares for less than she does.

2. It saves me time.

3. I can list my specifications and she meets them.

4. The airline she sends you on will allow (3) bags by special arrangement, instead of (2) which is standard for all airlines--for no extra charge. *Extra bags are $250 each way to Africa.

Cristiane DePaula

McAbee Travel

3300 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 280

Norcross GA 30092

770.396.9988 ext 114

800.622.2335 ext 114

404.631.6351 Fax

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