Packing List

  • Wash/face cloths (2, bcz it will take more than 24 hrs to dry). Women, especially will find this useful.

  • Hand towel. There is none in the room or the building, or that matter.
  • Rubbing alcohol & cotton balls. It's the best way to stop breakouts. Just trust me on this. They do not have alcohol there. It's all being used to manufacture hand sanitizer. 
  • Shower cap. You may want to warm up or rinse off and avoid getting your hair wet. I was lent one. I used it just to wash my face where the water was warm (in the shower) because the sink was so cold.
  • Lab coat or your choice of PPE. They don't have any.
  • Scrubs/work shoes/socks
  • Sharpening stones, Instruments, Cavitron/inserts, Peizo (~$199 on eBay), 2X2's, anesthetic carpules, needles (they have syringes), topical, dyclone, box of tissue, bibs, bib clip, wipes, hand mirror, 
  • Bluetooth for soothing music
  • Small devise for music
  • Underwear & socks for all 13 days. Neither place has a washing machine. The one at the guest lodge is broken and they have no parts. All is done by hand.
  • Crocks (shoes) if you have them. They are the handiest for around the Mara/on the safari portion. I advise warm socks at night and if you need to go to the bathroom, Crocks are easy to slip on. Everyone wears them there for many reasons. To me, they are ugly, but very useful.
  • Coat hangers --the closet may have 1-2. But it may not. Remember, they don't have much there, and there is no Walmart/Target down the road. What you will find in Eldoret looks like what you see below...but that is after your stay in Baraton. You would want them for Fri-Wed.
  • Coat
  • International plug - not the same as a transformer.
  • Transformer - this is absolutely necessary, especially for use at the clinic.
  • Hair dryer that has switch for 210v from 110v (otherwise it will burn up--like mine)
  • ALL electronics need this switch, except Apple products. They are fine.
  • 1 black trash bag to cover transom window if you want the room dark. A hall light illuminates your room like daylight. 
  • Masking tape to secure black bag. I bring a remnant of a roll.
  • Pens   *You will not find any there. Every penny matters to these students who are helping us. Borrowing a pen from them (and especially not returning it) is a big deal. Keep in mind lunch for the students is $1.25. A masters degree is just $4,000 for the 2 years.
  • Gifts for your helpers. Kenyans expect this from foreigners, esp cash. A little goes a long way. Maybe $2-$3 US 
  • WARM pajamas - your room is not heated
  • Warm socks
  • Heating pad (it is cold at night in this part of Kenya)
  • Slippers. If you are a guest to someone's house, you will have to take your shoes off at the door. At night, your feet may get cold. Carry the slippers with you in a pouch or bag. It may be that we are invited to dinner one night.
  • Jeans, 7 shirts, walking shoes (there is red dirt there. White shoes are not a good idea), dark socks (1 pair of socks for each day you are not at home), Flip flops or crocks, walking shorts (opt), sundress, sun hat   or visor, sun glasses,          coordinate for layering (cool mornings, warm mid-day, cool evening)
  • Your own coffee. The school does not have this, only non-caffinated substitute version. It is not coffee or de-caf. I like it.
  • Your own collapsable coffee pot if your want hot water for coffee or washing your face. You will be glad you did. 
  • small basin if you want to wash your face in warm water.                                                                                                          I took a collapsible food container.
  • As a reminder, there is no smoking or alcohol on campus, ever.
  • If you are lactose intolerant like me, bring non-dairy milk powder. There are ($$) non-dairy options in Kenya, but liquid only, and it just seems a bit more troublesome to get/use that. They have their own dairy and serve LOTS of cows milk! I used mango puree on my cereal each morning ;-) because that was my only alternative. Just go with the flow...
  • Your own water bottle for use at the safari accomodations.
  • Binoculars or a monocular with a camera attachment. Or a good camera.
  • A good camera. It would be worth it to RENT a camera for this trip. You will find your cell phone is OK, but won't be able to capture the animals that are just not willing to walk over to the landrover for your awesome desired shot. www.Sharegrid is a great site because it gives you a MAP where you can see all the options and their prices. I would find a DSLR and a telephoto lens. Ask if they have weekly prices and explain you are going on a safari. (see notes on "Maasai Mara" page of this site)
  • LOTS of extra external battery chargers for your phone or camera, a cord, check your phone's memory before you leave the USA. I was stuck deleting pics because right as we entered the mara--my phone wouldn't take anymore pics. I bought more cloud. Useless. The pics in the phone were hogging space. I spent precious time and battery power deleting pics so I could take animal pictures. Many of us suffered dead battery problems through out the trip, and by days end were unable to take any pics of animals, etc. Only the DSLR was still getting pics. ;-)
  • At least $300 in kenyan shillings. Make this conversion at the airport. You won't miss the counter on your way to the baggage area. It's the best conversion rates. This should give you enough for groceries, souveniers, tips and a donation for your accomodations at the girls home. The $450 for the balloon safari will need to be paid in advance. Reservations are made only with payment in full. Most places take US dollars. It's easier for them if they don't have to do the conversion in their head. Whatever you don't use, you can convert it back at the airport, or donate a portion of it to the girls home before leaving. Makes for inexpensive souvenier tokens, too ;-) *Shadow box /w other artifacts*
  • Donations for the girls home located at the safari accomodations, if you are so inclined. See "donate" tab. 

My suggestion is this: Make a note of EVERYTHING you touch in the day and pack it.

That includes a pen...and hangers.


Do not plan on picking up what you need when you get there. A) You won't have a chance to shop prior to clinic days. B) You may not find what you need anyway.

This is the market in Eldoret. Yes, there are shops. But the majority of what you will find is here.

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