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           SMILE Mirror Cling                          BURST sonic toothbrush                         Mrs. Universe 2021-22

                    5.5 x 7                                          colors:​​​​​​​                                                     Autographed to you                                                                                                                                                   glossy photo, 8 x 10

      57 disease handcard /w trademarked                                            11" x 17" Horizontal poster of the

                Brush/Floss system on back                                                                Oral- Systemic Link

                                                                    18" x 24" Vertical poster of the Oral- Systemic Link 


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Mrs. Universe 2021-22, poster size, autographed and personalized.  Options of:  11"x17" /  18"x24" / 22"x28" 

Share-a-day with Mrs. Universe in Africa!

I wish to thank Darlene Quinn, Brand Ambassador of Pageant Universe, who graciously sponsored our air travel.  Thank you Darlene!!!  XOXOXO

I will hold with gratitude any and all sponsorship, and film/document your day(s) with enthusiasm. If you want to simply pledge for now, just let me know in the comment box below. You can cancel your pledge at any time. If possible, fulfullment by the time I return, November 24th, 2021, would be very much appreciated. 


As a "Thank you for your help," I can send you a gift upon our return. (see items in next box)

For a gift of:

• $10      SMILE System for Brushing Mirror Cling 

                &/OR personalized autographed glossy photo, 8 x 10

• $20      57 disease handcard /w trademarked Brush/Floss system on back

                OR autographed glossy photo, 8 x 10

• $35      11" x 17" Horizontal poster of the Oral- Systemic Link

                &/OR autographed glossy photo, 8 x 10

• $50      18" x 24" Vertical poster of the Oral- Systemic Link  &/OR autographed glossy photo

• $100    BURST sonic toothbrush (black or white) & mirror cling

• $150    BURST sonic toothbrush (black, white, or rose gold) & mirror cling

• $200    BURST sonic toothbrush (black, white, rose gold or lavendar) & mirror cling

• $350+  BURST of your choice, item of choice, personalized &autographed glossy photo of your choice and size, and SMILE mirror cling

• $500    All of the above, if desired, and a listing as a featured Sponsor on the official website by pageant universe

Contact me regarding substitutions. Email me at at any time.

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My Gifts to you as a THANK YOU for your support.